why did daddy leave?


One day I was sleep every thing was cool,
Then I woke up the next morning something was missing…. It was you.
12 years of my life I never thought it would be.
Out of all the children in the world without a father in the house it was me.
Explanations were all mother could give.
And all my brother wanted was revenge.
With me being young but I did understand…
To me you were a father, but to my mamma not a good man.
You lied and cheated had her call the house.
You tip-toe in behind my mamma back sneakin’ around talkin’ on the phone like a little mouse.
I have a question, where was I in your mind.
Did it ever occur to you that maybe you should have kept you dick inside?
Or how about telling the woman you were married and had kids.
Only if you knew how I feel writing this, I’m pist…
I would blame all this on the woman but we know it’s mostly your fault.
You know when you left the house my mamma wasn’t the only one left with a broken heart.
Why did daddy leave? Why did you go?
Now I know…to chase after some HOE.
Was this other female more important than your wife and kids?
Did you think that I and my brother were going to be alright with this?
Telling me to get out the game room because you were on the phone.
And every time mamma walked in you would tell the woman to hold on.
I’d never thought I’d say this but you’re foul to the bone.
Daddy all we want is you to come back home.
If you being away is better let it be.
But I still have one question…………
Why did daddy leave?

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