There r times when im not sure if my feelings r real or fake…if im illusional about my own feelings or if I get my heart and my mind confused. Which ever it was it can get me my mind or my heart in trouble.lately I’ve been looking for love in all the wrong damn places. The reason how I know that is because don’t nothing come out of the relationship but a heart break. I’ve actually tried being me in some relationship and not hiding the real me and what im about. I’ve tried doing things fa niggas that I aint never done before but that don’t seem to do nothing but make them take advantage of me. I then tried my last option one that should have been my first option and that was pray! I prayed to go to send me someone the mold that was made for me wheather it me a man girl I don’t give a fuck…lol…that prayer was prayed not to long ago so im still waiting on that special some one.


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