“Life doesn’t always go as planned and I know you’ve learned that by now. I just want to inform you, I am here, by the grace of God, to ensure that you get the comfort you need when things don’t go quite like you’d hoped. I know that you are strong but, deep inside you, there is still a place that gets hurt from time-to-time. Tonight, I will hold you, as I usually do. However, while I hold you, I will speak words that could only come from my heart and only have intent to comfort you, my Love. You’ll probably wonder what those words are. I’m sorry but, even I do not know what will be said. Because, until I am there with you and my heart is connected to yours, I could not possibly know what your soul needs to hear. These are the things that I want to do for you without having to be asked or told and with no need for influence on why I do them. These words, will be true and only meant for you. Tonight, I will open my heart to yours and lend you the strength I feel you need.”


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