“Twenty years ago, today, God made a being that would complete me. This beautiful baby would love me like no other, treat like I need to be and care for me with endless passion. He knew that without her I’d be forever incomplete. Today, she’s another year older and I believe that this one is the most special birthdays, so far. You see, this year, she is my girlfriend. There was a time, before, when the same was true. However, since most people don’t count relationships from 3rd or 4th grade, we can, forcibly, ignore it too. As for me, I consider that time we shared real and refuse to deny it. I will acknowledge that the time we have shared together this year has been much more than it was then. This birthday, we are not together, physically. In spirit, I am with her today. Chloe was created on this day to bring a light to the world unlike anything before. She has an amazing power to change lives without trying too hard. Knowing her is a blessing and loving her is a honor. I respect her so much and look to her for advice. When God created such a lovely woman, I’m sure he could not bring himself to break the mold. She has a smile that warms you from within and a passionate laugh to go with it. Through her eyes, I see a soul that is beautiful, despite the hurt and pain she’s experienced in her past. God made her and, after twenty years, I am here to care for her. I thank I’m for this opportunity and I refuse to take my Love for granted. Today I wish her a happy birthday. Tomorrow, I promise her my love will show.


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